Welcome to Autopax, South Africa’s road based passenger transport business operating two established brands, Translux and City to City. Our land is vast and wide, beautiful towns with a lot of heritage. Every town we depart from, drive through or arrive at has its own little story to tell. And we share in that South Africanness with each community we service.


Translux/City-to-City, its Directors, Officers, Employees, Servants or Agents shall not be liable (whether in contract or delict) in any way whatsoever for loss, injury, loss of life, or damage of whatsoever nature and howsoever caused, whether or not caused by the negligence of Translux or City-to-City, its Directors, Officers, Employees, Servants or Agents, arising out of or connected in any way to the conveyance or non-conveyance by Translux or City-to-City of any passenger or any person or of the property of any person whether such property is accompanied by a passenger or not.

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